Choice Travel

It’s an independent agency, founded and run by a young man in his forties, a single mother who raises his little boy alone. Sandra, after many years working in this sector, has found, in contact with its customers, a lack of flexibility, choice and availability of interlocutors for them. It was always about selling more, faster and providing a minimum of customer service.

Sandra has therefore founded Choice Travel to make accessible to the greatest number, trips that resembles them and sticks to their budget, as far as possible. She becomes your Personal Travel Shopper. Available and good advice.

At the agency – Choice Travel – Sandra will take the time to listen to you. What you are looking for on your trip, what you like, your personality and your budget, it will take into account all this and more to create the stay that suits you.

To get started, you can submit your project from the agency’s website, the Contact Choice Travel page or by calling.

Then, an interview will be necessary to refine your project and target your expectations, taking into account your constraints.

Specialist of the cruise and the creation of stays, she will be able to guide you. No worries to be done, everything will be planned and organized just for you.

The transition to Ezus

I have been using it for only a month, and I am delighted. It is ergonomic, easy to handle, although it has tons of features, and visually pleasant to use on a daily basis.

Everything seems to me to be just a click away, you can easily find the information you need. Simplified case tracking.

Customizable and very beautiful presentations. Integrates very well with my existing processes. I haven't used everything yet, but at the moment I'm 100% happy. The customer interface is fabulous and interactive.

They can leave a comment, thanks to Ezus the modification is done in 2 steps in 3 movements and is also easily reported on the customer interface.

The team is top, nice, pleasant and always available. I had to report a small technical failure, a message on the chat and 10 minutes later it was fixed! I have never had the chance to know this until now! Well done to them.

As we use Ezus, if we notice a point that could be improved, we just sent a message on the chat and the info came up just as quickly. Marvelous.