Founded in Cannes in 1995 by Richard Sanchis, the event agency Ekypage puts its 26 years of experience at the service of your projects of congresses, seminars, team-building and other company trips everywhere in France and abroad.

Recognized for its event expertise and strong of a solid network of trustworthy partners throughout the world, their teams will be at your disposal to make your event a success.

Their teams are based in Antibes, Paris and Montpellier, for a perfect territorial meshing.

The transition to Ezus

For a long time, I was looking for a way to automate some tasks that were not profitable or creative, we had little added value.

We had the feeling that we were starting from scratch with each project, we started to create our own library, but it was a lot of work. So we wanted to find a software that combines these features, then I met Ezus.

Ezus meets our need for automated organization, we have a gain of time and storage, because we no longer need to redo the documents several times. Moreover, Ezus becomes our CRM, we can find all the information on our customers, projects, past exchanges and invoices.

Ezus allowed us to be faster and more efficient, so we could focus on the more creative part while
spending less time on other tasks that are now automated.

3 adjectives to qualify Ezus?

The team takes our opinions into account and listens to us to improve the software. I appreciate being able to use the software as a library of my products, now I have access to the project by customers and to the exchanges I had with them. Ezus makes my original CRM disappear.