Ezus vs Tropingo : What is the best for your travel agency ?

An insight of both software features for your travel business: Advanced quoting, financial management, API integration, custom workflows, personalized travel document generation...

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Why choose Ezus over Tropingo ?

"Tropingo is a free, comprehensive software solution specially designed for travel agencies, tour operators and coach operators. It aims to support these professionals in all their day-to-day tasks, speeding up the sale and management of holidays. Tropingo offers real-time sales tracking, electronic document management and centralized information for a 360° view of travel files. It also enables efficient communication with the various players in the sector, thanks to automatic retrieval of files via BtoB partners.

Ezus, on the other hand, is an all-in-one software package that helps travel organizers sell more efficiently by enabling them to quickly build customized trips. With Ezus, users benefit from an interactive interface for customizing trips, centralizing products in a collaborative catalog and automating budget management. Ezus also enables the generation of personalized documents such as proposals, quotes, travel books and contracts, while offering task management functionalities for optimal follow-up.

A comparison of Tropingo and Ezus shows that Tropingo is aimed at a wider audience in the tourism sector, including coach operators, and emphasizes the free nature of its service and integration with reservation systems such as Amadeus, Galileo and Sabre. Ezus, on the other hand, focuses on tailor-made travel personalization, offering a platform that simplifies travel planning and management with intuitive, interactive tools. While Tropingo seems to be geared towards operational and administrative management, Ezus offers a solution more focused on the sales process and customer personalization.

Both systems offer valuable solutions for travel agencies, each with its own strengths and functionalities, helping to improve the efficiency and quality of services offered in the travel sector."

Compare Ezus and Tropingo

  • Main Features
    Pay for features that fit your business.
  • Itinerary creation / Program

  • Budget (Quotation)

  • Travel document generation

  • Web/Mobile Format

  • Customizable Library

  • Suppliers' management

  • Internal Catalog

  • Advanced features
    Do not multiply expenses and subscriptions to several solutions, select a complete tool.
  • Statistics Table

  • Sales Table

  • CRM

  • Roles management (Collaborative software)

  • Tasks Management

  • Automation

  • Invoicing

  • Open API

  • Deployment & Support
    Choosing software is also choosing people.
  • Online chat

  • Help Center

  • Training Sessions

  • Account Setup

  • Review
    Of course, we are not objective, our clients are.
  • Google Reviews

  • Capterra

  • G2Crowd

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