Travel agencies : 5 apps to make your customers travel


More and more customers are asking you for authentic accommodation, environmentally friendly activities, restaurants with local products? Here are some applications to help you offer personalised but more sustainable travel. You may already know about them and use them for your personal use. So why not share them with your customers?

1/ Skyscanner, an app to book flights and calculate your customers' CO2 emissions

As we saw in a previous article, because there is no planet B, tourism must participate in the fight against global warming. 20% of the world's carbon emissions from tourism come from air travel. 

When considering which flights to book for your clients, you can use the Skyscanner application. Simply tick a box to show only flights with lower C02 emissions

In the form of a percentage, Skyscanner determines which flights are the most environmentally friendly by taking into account the type of aircraft, the number of seats on the plane and the number of stopovers. Newer aircraft generally consume less fuel, and flights with stopovers can be financially attractive but are fuel intensive. Fuel consumption per seat is lower with a larger aircraft. 

You can also compare routes according to their carbon footprint and build an itinerary according to the city or cities of arrival and departure. If a flight emits at least 4% less CO2 than the average for a journey, Skyscanner considers it a 'greener choice'

If you are reluctant to use the solution offered by Skyscanner, which you may see as a competitor, go to the GoodPlanet Foundation website which offers a travel diagnostic. There you can estimate the CO2 footprint of your customers who want to use a plane, a car or a train and mention the results of the various modes of transport on your commercial travel proposal .

Greentripper allows you to calculate the CO2 emissions :

- a hotel stay based on the number of nights and rooms ;

- the ferry journey with or without a car;

- whether your customers want to use long-distance buses, city buses or minibuses. 

2/ FairTrip, the collaborative application for fair travel

Because when you travel personally, you are looking for experiences, restaurants or accommodations that are committed to fair, responsible and solidarity-based tourism, you may already be using FairTrip to share your good tips.

Available for free on iOS and Android, this application lists several thousand places in South-East Asia, South America or Europe that favour short circuits, or are committed to preserving the natural or environmental heritage.

You can use this source of information to suggest a particular address in your travel proposal to your customers who want to discover a country or region in a different way to mass tourism.   

3/ Komoot, the app for outdoor activities

Do you have cycling customers? Do you have hiking enthusiasts? Some prefer running? Then use the Komoot app to find and plan itineraries for them, taking into account, for example, the level of difficulty, the duration or the weather.

Available on iOS, Android and PC, in various languages (French, English, Italian or Spanish), Komoot offers a free and a paid version to benefit from all the features. For the moment, the playground is limited to Europe, but the possibilities are already great, with for example the Dolomites in Italy, the Cotswolds in England or Provence in France. 

4/ Happy Cow, the app for vegetarian and vegan food

If you are dealing directly with a restaurant without going through an agent, the Happy Cow app allows you to find and propose to your vegetarian or vegan customers restaurants adapted to their diets. In some regions or cities, this can be very useful. 

5/ Street Art Cities, the app to discover a city through its urban art

Art is in the museums, it is also displayed on the walls of cities and is attracting an increasingly large audience. The craze caused by the ephemeral exhibition in the Paris 13 tower a few years ago or the success of Colors Festival still in Paris in 2021 are there to show it.

If you have street art lovers among your clients, recommend the Street Art Cities application. For example, it will be useful for them to find the works of the famous Banksy in Bristol.

You can also use it yourself to recommend a thematic and off-the-beaten-track tour of a neighborhood or a city. Several thousand urban murals are accessible on a map, ranging from Los Angeles, Berlin and Madrid to Padua, Zagreb and Bordeaux.

Note: the application is available for free on Android and iOS. English version only.

Some of these applications should be considered as possible sources of inspiration when you are thinking about building business proposals. Others will make it easier for your customers to travel on site. They complement, but do not replace, your experience on the ground. 

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