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More and more travelers are looking for authentic accommodation, eco-friendly activities and restaurants offering local produce. To meet this growing demand and help you offer a personalized, sustainable trip, here are a few apps you might find useful. You may already be familiar with them and use them on a personal basis, so why not share them with your customers too?

1. Skyscanner, an app for booking flights and calculating your customers' CO2 emissions

As mentioned in our article on sustainable tourism, there is no Planet B, and tourism must play its part in the fight against global warming. 20% of global carbon emissions from tourism come from air travel.

When you're thinking about booking flights for your customers, you can use the Skyscanner application. Simply tick a box to display only flights with lower CO2 emissions.

Skyscanner calculates the most environmentally-friendly flights as a percentage, taking into account the type of aircraft, the number of seats on board and the number of stopovers. Newer aircraft generally consume less fuel, and flights with stopovers may be financially attractive, but are fuel-hungry. Fuel consumption per seat is lower with larger-capacity aircraft.

You can also compare itineraries according to their carbon footprint and build an itinerary based on the city or cities of arrival and departure. If a flight emits at least 4% less CO2 than the average for a journey, Skyscanner considers it a "greener choice" for tourism.

2. FairTrip, the collaborative application for fair travel

The FairTrip app acts as a must-have tourism companion for travelers in search of authenticity and responsibility. It offers a range of possibilities for those who wish not only to explore, but also to contribute positively to local communities.

With FairTrip, users have access to a meticulous selection of ethical and sustainable accommodation, restaurants, activities and stores. Each establishment listed is accompanied by invaluable details such as authentic photographs, comments from other travelers and details of the sustainable initiatives in place.

In addition to addresses for responsible consumption, FairTrip includes information on community tourism projects, local associations and volunteer experiences. This proves invaluable for those who aspire to discovery, to give meaning to their trip by taking part in concrete actions in the field.

3. Komoot, the app for outdoor activities

Do you have cycling customers? Hiking enthusiasts? Some prefer running? Then use the Komoot app to find and plan an itinerary and activities for them, taking into account levels of difficulty, duration and weather conditions, for example.

Available on iOS, Android and PC, and in several languages (French, English, Italian and Spanish), Komoot offers both a free and a paid version for full functionality.

For the moment, the playing field is limited to Europe, but the possibilities are already beautiful, with the Dolomites in Italy, the Cotswolds in England or Provence in France, for example. ‍‍

4. Happy Cow, the app for vegetarian and vegan eating

The Happy Cow app is a valuable tool for food-conscious travelers. It offers a variety of choices, whether you're vegetarian, vegan or just looking to eat healthier. The app provides detailed information about each restaurant, including photos, customer reviews and menu options.

Using Happy Cow can help enhance your customers' travel experience, while embracing responsible tourism. They can explore new cuisines while respecting their food choices. It's a great way to discover local restaurants that might otherwise go unnoticed.

In addition to restaurants, Happy Cow also lists farmers' markets, health food stores and vegan bakeries. This can be particularly useful for those who prefer to cook for themselves during their trip.

In short, the Happy Cow app is an indispensable tool for your vegetarian or vegan customers. It enables them to eat healthily and enjoy their trip without worrying about finding suitable food options.

5. Street Art Cities, the app for discovering a city through its urban culture

Culture is not only to be found in museums, but also on city walls, attracting an ever-growing audience. The enthusiasm generated by the ephemeral exhibition in the Paris 13 tower a few years ago and the success of the Colors Festival, still in Paris in 2021, are proof of this.

If your customers include street art enthusiasts, recommend the Street Art Cities app. It will be a great help in finding the works of the famous Banksy in Bristol, for example.

You can use it yourself to suggest a themed, off-the-beaten-track tour of a neighborhood during your trip. Thousands of urban frescoes are accessible on a map, from Los Angeles, Berlin and Madrid to Padua, Zagreb and Bordeaux. The Street Art Cities app offers a complete immersion in the world of street art.

It features an augmented reality function that lets you view works of art in 3D on your smartphone. This allows you to discover these works from different angles and fully appreciate their complexity.

What's more, the application offers an advanced search function that lets you filter works according to various criteria such as artist, style or date of production. This allows you to personalize your experience according to your preferences and interests.

Detailed information on each work is also presented, with a description of the artist, the context in which it was created and its significance: an invaluable source of information for urban art lovers!

Finally, Street Art Cities lets you share your discoveries with other users. You can add works to the database, thus contributing to the enrichment of this veritable encyclopedia of street art.

6. Greenmeter, the app for eco-responsible driving

The Greenmeter app is an innovative tool for travelers who want to reduce their carbon footprint when traveling by car. It uses your smartphone's sensors to analyze your driving style and provide personalized advice on how to adopt a more eco-friendly driving style.

By integrating Greenmeter into your offer, you enable your customers to make their road-trips more environmentally friendly. The application evaluates parameters such as acceleration, braking and speed to determine the energy efficiency of their driving. It provides them with scores and suggestions for improvement in real time.

Greenmeter also offers advanced functions, such as tracking CO2 emissions and fuel consumption. Your customers can thus become aware of the environmental impact of their journeys and adjust their behavior accordingly.

The application offers detailed reports on each journey, enabling your travelers to analyze their progress over time. They can set themselves eco-driving targets and track their success with precise graphs and statistics.

  • A hotel stay depending on the number of nights and rooms ;
  • The ferry trip with or without car;
  • Depending on whether your customers want to use long-distance buses, city buses or minibuses.

In short, Greenmeter is a valuable tool for responsible travelers. It helps them to reduce their carbon footprint, save fuel and adopt safer, greener driving habits on their road-trips.

7. Refill, the app to reduce plastic waste

The Refill app is the ideal solution for travelers wishing to reduce their consumption of single-use plastic bottles. It makes it easy to locate free drinking water points in many cities around the world.

With Refill, your customers can travel more sustainably by refilling their reusable water bottle, rather than constantly buying bottled water. The app lists thousands of refill points, including public fountains, cafés, restaurants and even partner stores.

Each water point is geolocated and accompanied by practical information, such as opening times and services on offer. So your customers can plan their day's visit according to the refreshment points available on their route.

Refill also encourages users to become zero-waste ambassadors. They can suggest new filling points and share their experiences with the community. It's a great way to raise awareness of the need to reduce plastic waste, while creating a social bond.

By integrating Refill into your offer, you demonstrate your commitment to sustainable tourism. Your customers will appreciate being able to travel in an eco-responsible way without compromising their comfort and hydration.

8. Fairbnb, the app for ethical accommodation

Fairbnb is an alternative accommodation application that focuses on ethical and solidarity-based tourism. It offers unique and authentic accommodations, while guaranteeing that profits go directly back to local communities.

By choosing Fairbnb, your customers can be sure of supporting social and environmental projects in the destinations they visit. The platform donates 50% of its commissions to local associations working for the common good, such as education, heritage preservation or sustainable agriculture initiatives.

The accommodations offered on Fairbnb are selected for their uniqueness and respect for ethical values. Your guests can stay at an organic farm, a guesthouse run by a local family, or an ecolodge committed to biodiversity conservation.

Each advert is verified and accompanied by transparent information on the projects supported by the booking. So your customers can travel responsibly while having a positive impact on the host communities.

Fairbnb also offers authentic experiences, hosted by locals who are passionate about their region. From bike rides to local produce tastings, these activities offer cultural immersion while supporting the local economy.

By proposing Fairbnb to your customers, you offer them the opportunity to travel ethically and in a spirit of solidarity. They'll enjoy unforgettable experiences while having the satisfaction of contributing to the sustainable development of the destinations they visit.

9. Good Travel, the app for responsible travel experiences

Good Travel is an application that offers a selection of eco-responsible activities, accommodation and restaurants around the world. It is aimed at travelers who want to minimize their environmental impact while supporting local communities.

With Good Travel, your customers have access to a multitude of sustainable experiences, such as guided bike tours, traditional cooking workshops or stays in ecolodges. Each provider is chosen for its commitment to responsible tourism and its contribution to local development.

The app provides detailed information on each partner's sustainable practices, such as the use of renewable energies, waste management or the promotion of local crafts. So your customers can make informed choices and travel in line with their values.

Good Travel also offers a carbon footprint calculator to help travelers assess the environmental impact of their stay. They can then offset their emissions by supporting reforestation or clean energy projects in the destinations they visit.

By integrating Good Travel into your offer, you enable your customers to enjoy authentic, enriching experiences, while contributing to the preservation of the environment and the well-being of local populations.

10. Wayaj, the app for eco-responsible accommodation

Wayaj is an application specialized in booking eco-responsible accommodation worldwide. Unlike Fairbnb, it brings together a selection of hotels, lodges and inns committed to sustainable, environmentally-friendly practices.

Each establishment on Wayaj is rigorously evaluated according to sustainability criteria such as energy efficiency, water management, waste treatment and the sourcing of local and organic produce. Travelers can be sure of staying in accommodations that minimize their impact on the environment.

The application provides transparent information on each establishment's ecological initiatives, such as the use of sustainable building materials, the implementation of recycling systems or the promotion of eco-friendly practices among guests. Your customers can choose accommodations that reflect their values and their commitment to the environment.

Wayaj also offers exclusive deals and discounts for stays in eco-responsible accommodation. It's a great way to encourage your customers to opt for more sustainable options on their next trip.

By proposing Wayaj to your customers, you enable them to discover unique and committed accommodations, while supporting tourism practices that are more respectful of the planet. It's a great way to meet the growing demand for eco-responsible travel.

Some of these applications should be considered as possible sources of inspiration when you're thinking about building sales proposals. Others will make it easier for you to organize your customers' trips on the spot. They complement, but do not replace, your experience in the field.


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