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Active Road

Active Road

Type of agency :

Local Agency (DMC)

Specialities :

Leisure activities and authentic stays

Destinations :

Provence & Alps Maritimes

Office(s) :




No. of employees :

6 - 20

The software that meets our needs on many functionnalities

Alice Dewavrin

Active Road

and their story

ACTIVE ROAD, based in Marseille, offers activities and stays for all types of people, whether sporty or not, with a focus on promoting an active and sustainable tourism experience. They are certified by Atout France and work with professionals to showcase the natural and cultural heritage of the region. Their aim is to provide unique activities for both leisure and business travelers, ensuring a fun exploration of the natural heritage of the territory.

For private individuals or tourists, they offer authentic outdoor activities for visitors, families, couples, or groups of friends. Activities can be scheduled or customized, and discounts are available for larger groups.

For companies, they organize tailored seminars and team-building activities based on the company's values and expectations, striving to offer a range of incentive and relaxation activities during business trips.

The team at ACTIVE ROAD comprises experienced and passionate outdoor and sports experts dedicated to both the office and action in creating and managing the projects. The agency's objectives include supporting sustainable development in the region, involving local actors, making sports accessible to everyone, and promoting awareness of the region's flora and fauna.

Transition to Ezus

Our prevous software (Toogo) was to complicated and aging. We had no prospect on developpement or improvement. We decided to switch to Ezus in 2020 thanks to good contact with the founders of Ezus.

It has been a great experience with this software since its beginnings ! It has allowed us to promote our commercial offers in a few clicks and get more market share. A lot of improvement has been made on functionalities thanks to the fact that they listen to our feedback. It is a tool that has great prospects for development and performance.

The software can evoluate fast, we need to keep up for new functionality and evolve with it. The ease of use during or everydays tasks. The ease of communicataion with an available and listening team. The creative possibilities on the different support. The few little details on functionnalities that make the diffrence with other software.

What they say about us

Their favorite feature

Travel Document Generation
Automatic Travel Documents with our design (we own +10 different templates in our library)
Get budget details inserted in the documents
Share these documents online through digital links