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Type of agency :

Local Agency (DMC)

Specialities :

Sustainable Tourism

Destinations :

Bali, Sumatra, Sulawesi, Gili Islands, Flores, Komodo

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No. of employees :

6 - 20

How were we able to work without Ezus?

David - Creator of Amanaska


and their story

Amanaska is a travel agency renowned for its in-depth knowledge and personalized stays, specializing in tailor-made trips to Bali and the surrounding islands. Driven by a deep love for the exoticism and serenity of the Indonesian archipelago, the agency strives to create unique adventures that leave a lasting impression, while ensuring the fulfillment and well-being of its customers.

Committed to conscious and respectful tourism, Amanaska Bali makes it a point of honor to preserve the natural beauty of its destinations and to value the island communities. The agency meticulously selects its partnerships and is committed to promoting sustainable practices, to ensure that every trip makes a positive contribution to the local environment and social fabric.

Transition to Ezus

Ezus perfectly meets all our expectations. Our travel agency, Amanaska, based in Bali, has for a long time tried to create a tool that would fit our specific needs and Ezus did it. Ezus is not only a great tool, but it also has a real understanding of travel organization, it is the results of true field experience which make a big difference.

It is not about blindly following fixed processes in a complex application, but rather a way to take in account each travel organization specificities, their way of doing things and provide means and opportunities that would be impossible to get by ourselves. We had time to understand a bit of how the software works without pressure from Ezus, to understand each step and stages and to get ourselves used to the tools provided, adapting them to our specific needs and expectations. All this has been possible with the great assistance of Ezus’ team including the founders, being reinsured when needed and seeing that Ezus platform has still plenty of development coming to be even more productive.

One last question is to be asked : How were we able to work without ?

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Customized websites for every customer
Offer personalized travel packages that highlight our agency's identity, creating an immediate impact.
Guarantee the responsiveness and accessibility of our documents, for a smooth customer experience from start to finish.
Customize each proposal to reflect the distinct needs and desires of our customers, improving engagement and conversion rates by 25%.