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Local Agency (DMC)

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Quéretaro, Cancun & Allemagne



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6 - 20

At BDMX we love working with Ezus!

Sonia and her team


and their story

BDMX INCOMING is a Mexican incoming agency and full service DMC under German management, with its headquarters in Querétaro, the colonial heart of Mexico. Since 2007 we have been refining our expertise with additional offices in Cancún and Germany, dedicating importance on communication and consulting. We understand and love Mexico from A to Z and are excited to share our enthusiasm and knowledge with our partner agencies.

Our mission : Build bridges between Mexico and the rest of the world and to inspire travellers to visit this wonderful country, getting to know it in an authentic way.

Our goal : Maintain the appreciation of this culturally rich destination and to create unique experiences through sustainability while respecting culture, the environment and its natural resources. Support of local operators and service providers as well as the creation of unforgettable and unparalleled moments are our top priority.

We provide insights that allow travellers to experience Mexico’s multifaceted landscapes, diverse cultures and hospitable people. By avoiding mass tourism and chain hotels, we show your clients the real Mexico.

The transition to Ezus

We love working with Ezus. We switched from other software to Ezus. We have absolutely no regrets about our choice and we're very happy with the flexibility it offers us. The automatic generation of beautiful documents in easy-to-edit formats is a pleasure to use every day. It's an excellent piece of software that continues to evolve and improve over time!

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Customized document generation
1-click generation of personalized documents via a template library
The ability to edit documents collaboratively
All program information is available in several digital formats !