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Esprit Basque

Esprit Basque

Type of agency :

Local Agency (DMC)

Specialities :

Cultural & sports groups

Destinations :

Pays basque & Argentina

Office(s) :




No. of employees :

1 - 5

We're more productive now that we're using Ezus!

Aude and her team

Esprit Basque

and their story

To bring together authenticity, conviviality and professionalism is our motto at Esprit Basque, your incoming and event travel agency.
As each project must be unique and unforgettable, we’ll always do our utmost to offer you a service that best suits your needs.
Our aim: To please you because your smiles will always be our best reward.

Former professional rugby players and team mates in Biarritz Olympique Pays Basque, Shaun Hegarty and Federico-Martin Aramburú (selected 25 times for Argentina) created Esprit Basque in 2014.
We rely on the core values of this sport (respect, solidarity, performance) in the design or conception of your projects.
With a native of Biarritz whose origins are Irish-New Zealander and an Argentinian at its head, discovery and sharing are inevitably in the DNA of our structure.

The transition to Ezus

Ezus has been particularly appreciated for its well-designed budget-related functions. Being able to generate documents quickly without the need to switch applications to find all our clients/suppliers is very valuable. Since we started using Ezus, our productivity has drastically increased.

The support team has been excellent and has helped us get acquainted with the software.

What they say about us

Their favorite feature

Budget functions
We loved the advantage of centralising pricing information via a connected internal catalogue. This means we can update our prices directly. v
The budgeting tool is very flexible, allowing us to add affine formulas directly and/or modify the cell directly.
The addition of margins gives us complete and precise control.