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Fly Away Monaco

Fly Away Monaco

Type of agency :

Outgoing Travel Agency

Specialities :

Honeymoon, Luxury, High-end

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No. of employees :

1 - 5

The Ezus team is very responsive and never stops improving their product, they help us save time and be more efficient!

Killian Escarras

Fly Away Monaco

and their story

For the past 3 years, we have been offering turnkey solutions to simplify your life and allow you to enjoy the moment you are looking forward to, in complete serenity.

This is why we do not propose standardized offers and prefer to design unique stays that perfectly respect your desires, your values and your budget.

We come to the place of your choice, at your home or elsewhere in Monaco and its region, to design together your trip or event.

The transition to Ezus

We started your business working on Word, we had a basic job. In 2018, I met Charles, founder of Ezus. I took advantage of the period to get to grips with their software.

I was convinced by several elements like having more professional quotes, beautiful visuals, time saving for accounting and invoices. Ezus has reflected a better image of my products now I can automate certain steps and reuse my products.

Ezus is a reactive team, listening to its customers, always ready to improve its software.

3 adjectives to qualify Ezus?

  1. Time saving
  2. Easy to use
  3. Practical

Since we have been working with Ezus for 3 years, they have always been very reactive, listening to us, and constantly evolving to improve the software.

What they say about us

Their favorite feature

Automatic generation of visuals
Several types of document can be generated automatically using our customised templates
All programme information is inserted into the documents
The quality of the document and the digital aspect of sharing it via links is much appreciated