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Local Agency (DMC)

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Seminars for international clients

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1 - 5

Just 1 click, and we have 20 pages in 1 hour, before that it took days. Everything is linked, we have the right information at the right time.

Valérie Tronche


and their story

Founded in Le Cannet more than 20 years ago, we are a travel agency for groups and companies. We mainly organize seminars, for foreign clients, for medium and long haul.

We offer meeting organization, incentive travel management and event production and management.

We believe in bringing people together. Everything we do, we believe in organizing uniqueness and innovation. The way we challenge uniqueness is to make our programs beautifully organized, simple to plan and with the best of our destination.

The transition to Ezus

It is a job that is less and less profitable, there is more competitiveness, it takes a lot of time to create each file, we must be more efficient, faster, to do more files.

The old way of creating files took a lot of time just for 1 file, it was difficult to do everything at the same time, and with little time, you had to be faster. Now, everything is digital, we have to make beautiful presentations, with beautiful models to try to impress our customers. Each client must receive a well-made and efficient file. In addition, we wanted to renovate our presentation and our files.

Then we started with Ezus. With this software, in 1 click, I can create my file. It's amazing, 20 years ago, you had to look for suppliers, email them, write the email, the quote, rewrite it, then look for pictures and present them.

Now, one click, and we have 20 pages in 1 hour, before it took days. Everything is linked, we have the right information at the right time. Each client can receive his personalized and quality presentation. Everything that used to be difficult and tedious to do is now combined in Ezus in a simplified way.

With Ezus, in 1 click, I create my file, it's incredible, 20 years ago, we had to look for the suppliers, email them, the estimate, rewrite everything, then look for and present photos. Ezus saves us a lot of time by simplifying our tasks.

3 adjectives that describe Ezus ?

  • Fast
  • Playful
  • Cost-effective

I appreciate being able to create a visual for my suppliers by adding my personal touch reflecting the values of French Events, for example, why we chose this hotel rather than another. Another advantage of Ezus is the calculation of the budget, everything is calculated by itself, with all the prices, taxes. The accounting is simplified and it reduces errors.

What they say about us

Their favorite feature

Add your personal touch to the suppliers' visuals
All supplier information is centralised in an internal catalogue
The classification and customisation of each file is very useful
Suppliers can be booked automatically via their registered contacts