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Nos chères campagnes

Nos chères campagnes

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Local Agency (DMC)

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Terroir tourism

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1 - 5

The software is very suitable for a DMC, and the Ezus team is very friendly and responsive !

Eloïse Raillard

Nos chères campagnes

and their story

We believe that travel is an opportunity to learn, grow, and make inspiring encounters.

We believe we can act to highlight our rural areas. We introduce you to the treasures of rural areas. The real treasures are found in the knowledge and passions of the local people. Due to our roots, we are concerned about the situation of farmers in France, and we want to put them in the spotlight. We demand passion and sharing. We work exclusively with passionate locals who know how to share their passion.

Our trips are magical encounters between enthusiasts and the curious. Our itineraries must be authentic, in line with our values, the personality of the locals, and that of our clients. In our view, the quality of a journey lies in its planning: we take this stage very seriously, and we have time for you.

You have high expectations for your travels, especially for traveling differently: so do we, even more than you. Real exchanges with the local people are not the most challenging; we facilitate that contact.

You want to experience adventures: we map them out to ensure you enjoy them 100%. We want to prove that another type of tourism is possible: rural and participatory tourism, for your greatest happiness.

The transition to Ezus

The software is perfectly suited for a travel agency. Ezus's team is very friendly. What I like the most: the extremely responsive support in case of questions.

What they say about us

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Project creation
Overview of requests via a dynamic, filterable request table
The collaborative aspect of the software, with personalized access, task tracking, etc.
Global management of the agency thanks to the software