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Railtrip Travel

Railtrip Travel

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Local Agency (DMC)

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Rail tourism

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1 - 5

Ezus is revolutionary software for dmc

Fabian and his team

Railtrip Travel

and their story is the result of a passion for railway travel, numerous inspiring encounters, and a desire to share.

After nearly 15 years of traveling the world, we wanted to continue the adventure while reducing the distances to be covered and thus our ecological impact. In recent years, we have chosen train travel across Europe. This type of itinerant travel offers us surprising encounters while being carried away by the landscapes and the adventure that unfolds from station to station. Encouraged by our three daughters, we are constantly looking for surprising yet comfortable rail routes.

Our mission: To make travel a movement towards greater awareness of our environment.

The transition to Ezus

Ezus brings together in one place everything I used to do in multiple tools. It's a significant time saver to avoid all these back-and-forth trips. I can send proposals for extraordinary itineraries in just 10 minutes. The icing on the cake is the personalized mini website for my clients. I have new clients every week who contact me because they've seen it online or thanks to their friends/colleagues who have told them about our wonderful mini websites.

Despite the month of adaptation necessary to master the tool perfectly, Ezus is a fantastic tool perfectly suited for DMCs (Destination Management Companies)

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Their favorite feature

Client space online
Telephone access to a customized stay for my customers, with all the details of the stay
1-click sharing via Whatsapp
Customize the tabs on the mini website to create a personalized space