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Local Agency (DMC)

Specialities :

France, Caribbean, Antilles

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1 - 5

I am satisfied with the performance of the software.

Gaëlle Chateaubon

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The travel planner is a specialist in the creation and planning of trips.  

As a travel professional, he/she conceptualizes the best itinerary for your trip and maximizes the information on the destination.

I am committed to the conception of a responsible trip, respecting the way of life of the population and the value of the heritage of the host territories.

I select professionals involved in local tourism, I recommend accommodations, activities, authentic places and representative of the cultural and natural wealth of the destination.

We exchange on your habits, your budget and your motivations of travel. We validate the choice of the destination, the favorable period for your trip, and we conceptualize your trip in family, between friends, between collaborators of the same company or an association's friendship. We are not a

travel agency, we elaborate with our customers the best tourist services for a customized travel project. We are not a travel agency, we work with our clients to find the best tourist services for a customized travel project.

The travel planning or the organization of personalized trips is a service of accompaniment semi-tailored or tailored, to be defined according to the desires and budget of the traveler.

You call on me as an expert and leave with a light spirit to live a better travel experience.

The transition to Ezus

Ezus is practical and innovative.

I am satisfied with the performance of the software and the constant evolutions of the tool since the last few months.

The software is in line with the business expectations. It saves time by centralizing customer and supplier data. This tool is at the same time a CRM, an accounting aid and a travel project creation tool.

What they say about us

Their favorite feature

Centralising customer and supplier data.
Several modules from the Catalogue to the Customer Directory enable you to centralise information
The ability to customise form fields in the software
The interactive aspect of the data is very useful