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Turquoise Voyages

Turquoise Voyages

Type of agency :

Tour Operator

Specialities :

Business travel and surf breaks

Destinations :


Office(s) :

Marseille & Lyon



No. of employees :

6 - 20

Very good software, very professional and friendly support!

Jean-Marc, Phillipe & Lucas

Turquoise Voyages

and their story

What brings together family, surfing, escapism, and cinema?

The answer can be summed up in two words: Turquoise Voyages. This agency, founded in 1982 by Jean-Marc and Philippe (recently joined by their son Lucas), now employs over 20 people. Surfing is their shared hobby, which they've integrated into their range of services for nearly 30 years. Their diverse, tailor-made offers cater to various audiences with specialized teams for each country and dedicated services for both businesses and individuals.

Indonesia, Seychelles, Maldives, Polynesia, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Mexico, Brazil, Costa Rica... distant and exotic destinations are the favorite playground for these specialists in the art of living well, who take care of everything from managing business trips to organizing honeymoon trips or surfers' stays in search of undiscovered spots around the world.

One unique feature that characterizes Turquoise Voyages is its connection to the world of cinema. The agency is the preferred partner of film production companies, providing agents 24/7 for shoots in Marseille or Paris.

Whether it's cinema, surfing, escapism, production, mission, relaxation, or work... choose the scenario, and Turquoise Voyages takes care of the rest.

Transition to Ezus

Ezus is a fantastic software for crafting travel experiences. Their customer support is highly responsive, and their responses have been incredibly helpful to me! I'd like to give a special mention to the software's design, which is very pleasant, and its user-friendliness.

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Their favorite feature

Documents generation
Generate travel logs automatically from a program
Generate travel journals automatically from a program
The ability to share documents in a web-compatible format on the traveler's cell phone via a url only