5 concrete actions to ensure a takeover of your Travel and/or Events agency


So what now? 😏

After the sudden stop of our tourism industry, support measures and solidarity of professionals allow a smooth recovery.

The pandemic continues to be exported with strong geographical disparities: in order to see more clearly, WTTC (World Travel & TourismCouncil) in collaboration with governments have set up the Safe Travels label.

In France, from July 1st, 2020 the borders opened gradually in the Schengen area. UNIMEV announces, following the Elysée Council of June 19, the resumption of trade fairs, congresses and major events on September 1, 2020.

It is difficult to imagine a worse scenario than the one drawn up by the UNCTAD report which points out that 100% of destinations have imposed travel restrictions during the first 4 months of the coronavirus pandemic. The global tourism sector could lose at least $1.2 trillion, or 1.5% of the world's gross domestic product (GDP).

Tourism is at an historic moment.

What kind of world of opportunity is being created? Ezus offers you his recommendations to prepare you for the worst and the best.

1/ The nerve of Tourism: communication.


You haven't contacted your most loyal customers, posted on social networks, published articles, sent communication emails or newsletters to your contact book? You are in danger!


In these uncertain times, your customers need reassurance. You need to be reactive and proactive.

  • Adapt your presentations by adding personalized pages on your cancellation, health, etc... guarantees. There is a strong need for insurance and support: There is a strong need for insurance and support: Play the customer service card!

  • Share your news on your website by adding a banner with tools such as Magnify or ask your provider.

  • Send a newsletter by email to your contacts.

  • Organize video interviews to inform your partners or customers of your offer. Use tools such as Calendly to book your appointments and tools such as Google Hangouts, Skype or Zoom to make your video-conferences.

2/ Adapt its offer and marketing.

Crisis means structural change.

We believe that the transformation of the players and the new expectations of customers will accelerate.

We think that the changes in players and new customer expectations will accelerate, especially in terms of environmental and CSR approaches that respect local populations, which are increasingly sought after by customers💡.

  • Revise its catalogue by proposing new destinations, places. Some TOs specialized in foreign countries are selling France to their clients, travel agencies are selling the region next door... There is a strong interest in Regional Tourism in France 🇫🇷:
  • Suggest more flexible conditions for postponement, cancellation and guarantees. And once again integrate the turnkey "customer service" to accompany the traveler or the company in a serene experience.

  • Participate in Tomorrow's Tourism. The tourism profession is evolving and raising new issues. To have a real impact or follow these trends, join the Breathe network, a movement to think about the "tourism of tomorrow". (Respire Groups: LinkedinFacebook) on subjects such as "virtuous tourism, tourismophobia, the agency of tomorrow or handi'capable tourism".

3/ Seize the generous financial aid.

The French government and the regions reacted quickly to preserve our tourist ecosystem. Thanks to certain measures, many tourism professionals continue to exist and are preparing for the future after 💰.

  • Benefit from the partial activity allowance until the end of 2020 (specific to tourism and event companies). You can also benefit from contribution exemptions.

  • Get financial aid from the Solidarity Fund ranging from €1,500 to €14,500. This aid has been extended until the end of September.

  • Find out more about regional aid. As an example, the Southern Region has launched the REACTION investment grant scheme REprise des ACteurs du Tourisme par l’Innovation et l’Optimisation Numériques). In concrete terms, the PACA region finances up to 70% of the investments made by tourism professionals in software solutions (up to a ceiling of €5,000 per structure).

If you have not yet made your inventory of fixtures, quickly consult the site Plan Tourisme.

4/ Surround yourself and keep yourself informed.

In order to better bounce back, information is once again at the center of the game. For this, networks, communities and groups of professionals allow for collective resilience.

  • Get yourself and your team together. Currently, training costs can be covered by the state and/or your Opco.


  • Subscribe to the newsletters of your partners or tourism institutions. To name a few: L'EchoTouristique, DMC Mag, TourMag, Travel Massive, Travel Tech, Veille InfoTourisme..


  • Participate in webinars and digital meetings in your area. To keep yourself informed, just follow the agenda of the CRTs or other institutions such as the FROTSI Paca.


  • This is the time to join professional groups such as Provence Events Côte d'Azur for example or to register on platforms.

5/ It's time to go digital.

Pandora's box for some, a real competitive advantage for others. It is undeniable that the organizer of tomorrow will have to be connected to develop his agency better.

  • A good recovery is in the offing and for this there are many tourist innovations. With a view to reviving French tourism through innovation, startups supported by the South and Occitania Regions, the Open Tourism Lab and the Welcome City Lab have launched the #relancetourisme.

While waiting for travel restrictions to be lifted, your agency can continue to develop internally and strengthen itself to serve tomorrow's groups and travelers even better! .💫

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