Incoming & Travel Agencies: 8 tools to convert your files in 2020!


In the current context, the B2C or B2B tourist is looking for personalization, autonomy and authenticity.

The number of clients who want services to save time (wealthy clients, corporations) or because they want to take care of themselves (elderly people) or because they want to travel in groups (communities) is not expected to decrease in the future.1

So, how can we take advantage of this to translate it into economic benefits?

To go further on the evolution of the ecosystem.

Technology at the service of humans 👩💻

No, we’re not talking about that technology…

At Ezus (ex Esus), when we were asked about the best tools, we thought we’d share it with you. Of course the list is far from being exhaustive, but it is an excellent checklist to start 2020 🎉

1. The creation of a website is a must.

Don’t forget that your website is a reflection of what you want to offer your customers.

Tools recommended by Ezus (ex Esus) : WIX drag & drop, cheap, very cool additional tools like transactional emailing and the integrated newsletter tool (Strikingly is also a good option).

To go further : Article by Legalstart about website creation and our two cents on the subject.

2. Visual communication is the first vector of your company’s image.

A picture is worth a thousand words to present your destination, your tour or even your event.

Tools recommended by Ezus (ex Esus) : here are some royalty-free photo bases Pexels, Unsplash, Gratisography, Adobe Stock, 500px, Flickr, StockSnap, New Old Stock

To go further : nice free videos for your presentations or your homepage Coverr, Pexels Videos, Mazwai, Videoblocks et Videvo

3. Responsive and connected: isn’t that what customers are asking for?

WhatsApp is internationally known. Once the first emails are exchanged, stay professional and available by chatting with your customers, prospects, partners and suppliers easily via this free instant messaging platform accessible to all.

😍 To go further : You can add your number as an email signature or on your website. Just create your personalized link by adding the country code and your number to the following link:

For example, if your number is 346789715 and your country code +39 your link will be :

4. An additional sales basket.

Ok it’s not a tool, but it can be useful for you: keep an eye on the products of TOs, airlines and other tour operators, who can offer interesting offers all year round.

In addition, depending on the airlines, you may be able to benefit from margins on ancillary revenues. Checked baggage, meals on board, seat selection or priority boarding are all services charged by low-cost airlines in particular. So don’t hesitate to offer all these options to your customers in order to increase the basket. Another idea: travel insurance.

Read more on the subject : Les promotions d’actualité par le Quotidien du Tourisme.

5. An intuitive and free tool for your emailing campaigns.

The classic : Mailchimp.

Except we got something even better, and a software Made In France 💙🤍💗 : Sendinblue. Up to 300 free emails a day. It’s all explained here 🤑

6. Social networks work.

Yes, Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn can also help you develop your business. First of all, Facebook will allow you to showcase destinations, for example by sharing videos, stories or photo albums. The same goes for Instagram, which can also be used to promote your business. As for LinkedIn, it’s the perfect tool to strengthen your presence on the web and build new business relationships.

Ezus (ex Esus) recommended tools : to plan your publications on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+  :

A plethora of social networks at your disposal

7. A tool for your living rooms.

With more than 174 trade shows and nearly 300 consumer shows, France has a very dynamic pool of trade shows.

Ezus (ex Esus) recommended tools : Tradefest. This is a great tool for searching and comparing events for a specific sector of activity. Thanks to this filter, you can better anticipate your participation and start contacting your partners who intend to register for the same show.

8. An automated back office

Everybody talks about it, few have, and they’re not very happy about it… That’s why we created Ezus.

✅ A single platform for all your files and business tools.

✅ An overview and history designed to better manage your business.

✅ Optimized templates to quickly create quality proposals.

✅ An intuitive editor to increase the rendering of your teams.

✅ All your data and prices centralized in a single catalog.

✅ Each file has a complete and easily editable budget.

Get to know more in this article.

The receptive revolution is underway 🌍

Let’s have a celebratory dance!

Do you have other tools to recommend? Let's discuss on our social media profiles.

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Source: 1. The receptive, a profession of the future. Philippe Violier.

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