The 4 new trends in the tourism industry post Covid


What are the trends that will guide travel choices in the coming months after more than a year of crisis related to the COVID-19? Sustainable tourism, value for money, local vacations, health aspect, we have selected four of them.


🌱 A pressing desire for sustainable tourism 

Poll after poll, the health crisis we are going through reveals a desire to travel more sustainably among the majority of travelers around the world? Aware of the impact of their adventures on local ecologies and cultures. In addition, many governments and global organisations such as the UN and UNWTO are paying increasing attention. It is why you should not hesitate to propose to your customers offers that emphasize respect for the environment and local populations. Advise them on alternative destinations to avoid mass tourism. 

Some important numbers : 

  • 47% of travelers want to travel with as little impact on the planet as possible;
  • 85% of French people questioned would like to have access to specific selections of environmentally friendly and responsible holidays;
  • 41% want their money to benefit local communities.

A new appetite for eco-tourism

💰 A convenient value for money and flexibility

Travelling is more than necessary after these months of restrictions, but beware of the wallet, say travelers. Travelers expect from tourism professionals flexible cancellation and modification conditions. Some of them understand this well, such as or, which allow selecting hotels according to this criterion.

Some important numbers : 

  • 46% will try to find deals and promotions to preserve their purchasing power;
  • 71% of them say they expect travel booking platforms to be more transparent about cancellation terms;
  • 46% of those surveyed believe it is essential that their next stay be refundable. 

👨👩 Escape close to home and with family: The blossoming of local tourism

Although the majority of French people are saying no to "staycation" this summer, the idea of going away at other times of the year near home or in their region, to indulge in slow tourism or microadventure is gaining ground. Easy to organize, virtuous in terms of environmental protection are the main reasons given to explain this choice. Enjoying nature without having to go very far, opting for hiking, for example, and being outside with the family are all popular after more than a year of living in a confined space.

Some important numbers : 

  • 70% of travelers want to enjoy time spent outdoors or with family;
  • 76% prefer isolated destinations (mountains, countryside);
  • 80% of respondents plan to travel to their country in the medium term.

Local family tourism on the rise

😷 The sanitary aspect

Health safety remains an important criterion in travel choices. For example, several travel platforms have added a filter that allows users to choose hotels with reinforced sanitary measures linked to covid. From check-in to payment through health alerts, the smartphone is also an essential tool to reassure travelers.

Some important numbers : 

  • 40% will favor airlines, airports and hotels with higher health and safety standards;
  • 77% will prefer homes with disinfectant and antibacterial products;
  • 50% of French travelers say they want to avoid public transportation for fear of contracting the coronavirus.

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