How can you create attractive travel packages to boost your agency?


As a travel agency, you're constantly on the lookout for innovative ways to attract new customers and retain existing ones. One of the most effective strategies is to create attractive travel packages that perfectly meet your customers' needs and expectations. In this article, we'll explore in detail why it's crucial to create packages, how to design them effectively and how Ezus, an all-in-one software package dedicated to travel agencies, can help you simplify this process and boost your business.

Why create travel packages? 🤔

Undeniable added value for your customers

By offering a travel package, you provide your customers with a complete, convenient experience. By judiciously combining different elements such as accommodation, transportation and activities, you enable them to make the most of their stay without having to worry about planning. This added value is particularly appreciated by travelers who are looking for peace of mind and convenience above all else.

A way to stand out from the competition

In an increasingly competitive tourism market, it's essential to find ways to differentiate yourself. By creating unique, personalized packages, you position yourself as a travel agency capable of meeting your customers' specific needs. This enables you to target specific niches and establish yourself as an expert in your field, strengthening your reputation and market position.

An opportunity to increase your income

Travel packages represent a real opportunity to increase your revenues. By negotiating preferential rates with your suppliers and offering added value to your customers, you can generate higher margins than when selling individual services. What's more, by creating attractive packages, you encourage your customers to book more services, which in turn helps to boost your sales.

A powerful loyalty lever

Offering a quality travel package is an excellent way of building customer loyalty. By offering a memorable experience that perfectly meets your customers' expectations, you create a lasting bond of trust. Satisfied customers will be more inclined to use your services for future trips and to recommend your agency to their friends and family, giving you positive word-of-mouth and a growing customer base.

How to create attractive travel packages? 👀

Identify and understand your target customers

To design attractive travel packages, it's essential to know your target clientele. Take the time to analyze their needs, preferences and budget. Thoroughly research market trends and leverage existing customer data to effectively target your offering. The more you understand your customers' expectations, the more you'll be able to create packages that appeal to them.

Select popular and original destinations

The choice of destinations is a key element in the creation of attractive packages. Choose popular destinations that appeal to your target clientele, while adding a touch of originality to set you apart. Take into account the seasons, special events and must-see tourist attractions to create a package that meets the desires of the moment. Don't hesitate to offer lesser-known but equally attractive destinations, which will provide your customers with unique experiences.

Negotiate advantageous partnerships with suppliers

To offer competitive packages while maintaining an attractive profit margin, it's essential to establish solid partnerships with your accommodation, transportation and activity suppliers. Negotiate preferential rates and advantageous conditions that will enable you to create attractive offers for your customers. Maintain trusting relationships with your partners, and work hand in hand to offer your customers quality service.

Customize packages to meet specific needs

Customization is a key differentiator in the creation of travel packages. Offer flexible options that allow your customers to tailor their stay to their desires and budget. Offer optional activities, stay extensions or upgrades to create tailor-made packages that perfectly meet everyone's expectations. This flexibility will be greatly appreciated by your customers, and will enhance the appeal of your offers.

Highlight the unique experience offered by your packages

Beyond the basics, it's crucial to highlight the unique experience your packages offer. Tell a story, evoke emotions and show how your package can enrich your customers' travel experience. Use effective storytelling to make your customers dream and want to go on an adventure with you. Highlight the highlights, the beauty of the destinations, the unforgettable encounters and extraordinary discoveries that will make their stay memorable.

Give attractive and competitive pricing

Pricing is an essential aspect of creating attractive packages. It's all about striking the right balance between your customers' perceived value and your profitability. Carefully analyze the competition and position your prices strategically. Propose attractive offers that reflect the quality of your service while taking into account your customers' budget expectations. Don't hesitate to offer one-off promotions or special offers to boost your sales.

Effectively promote your packages on different channels

Once your packages have been created, it's essential to promote them effectively to attract potential customers. Use a variety of communication channels to reach your target audience. Design eye-catching descriptions that highlight the strengths of your packages and the benefits for your customers. Use high-quality visuals, such as photos and videos of destinations, to evoke emotion and give a concrete idea of the experience on offer. Share testimonials from satisfied customers to reinforce the credibility of your offer and reassure prospects. Finally, use social networks, your website and targeted advertising campaigns to maximize the visibility of your packages and generate bookings.

Ezus: your ally in creating attractive travel packages 🚀

Creating attractive travel packages can seem complex and time-consuming, but with Ezus you have a powerful tool to simplify this process and boost your business. Ezus is an all-in-one software specially designed for travel agencies, enabling you to quickly create customized travel packages and efficiently manage your business.

Centralize your product catalog

With Ezus, you can bring together all your products and holidays in a single collaborative catalog. The headache of managing multiple databases is a thing of the past! Thanks to this centralized system, you have easy access to your entire offer, and can create personalized packages in just a few clicks. You'll be able to respond quickly and efficiently to your customers' requests.

Generate customized business documents

Ezus provides you with a library of customizable templates to easily create all the documents you need: sales proposals, contracts, travel books, invoices and more. You can generate professional documents that reflect the quality of your service and reinforce your credibility with your customers, while highlighting the destinations you offer.

Automate travel customization

Ezus offers an intuitive interface that lets you build customized programs and itineraries in record time. Thanks to advanced automation features, you can customize your packages according to your customers' preferences, while optimizing your working time. Let Ezus handle the repetitive tasks while you concentrate on what's most important: customer satisfaction.

Streamline quotation creation and margin management

No more hours spent creating complex quotations! With Ezus, you can generate accurate, attractive quotes in just a few minutes. Thanks to automatic margin configuration and a customizable interface, you're in full control of your profitability. Ezus also lets you track your sales and analyze your performance, so you can make informed decisions.

Efficiently manage your tasks and customer follow-ups

With Ezus' integrated task and reminder management features, you'll never miss an important customer follow-up. Assign tasks to your staff, set deadlines and track progress in real time. Ezus helps you optimize your internal organization and offer your customers impeccable service.

By using Ezus on a daily basis, you have a powerful ally to create attractive travel packages and manage your business efficiently. Over 400 travel agencies already rely on Ezus to boost their performance. Join them today and simplify your package creation process!


Creating attractive travel packages is a powerful lever for developing your agency and standing out in the market. By understanding your customers' needs, selecting attractive destinations, negotiating advantageous partnerships and focusing on personalization, you have all the keys you need to create irresistible offers.

Don't forget to highlight the unique experience you offer, set competitive prices and promote your packages effectively across different channels. And to make your day-to-day work easier, don't hesitate to rely on a high-performance tool like Ezus, which will support you every step of the way in creating and managing your packages.

So, are you ready to revolutionize your offer and get your agency off the ground? Dive into the future of travel management with our software solution, dramatically reducing your document creation times and simplifying the centralization of your personalized documents. Find out how during a demonstration.

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