mTrip integrates with Ezus


To further enhance the travel agency experience, Ezus announces an integration with mTrip, a software company providing white-label solutions for the travel industry. This integration is a growth driver for agencies, offering a complete solution to save time and increase conversions : every trip booked via Ezus can now appear in mTrip applications.

Travel agencies revolutionized by simplified management 🚀

With effective integration, travel agents can focus on what's most important: designing memorable experiences for travelers. Travel agency business is propelled by mTrip's white-label applications, and Ezus' itinerary, budget and task management tools, ensuring impeccable follow-up. The digital travel documents and personalized spaces generated can be consulted directly on mTrip.

Flexibility and customization: the ideal partnership for business & leisure travel 🤝

The versatile solution efficiently meets a wide range of requirements, from solo travel to group organization and MICE. Each situation is handled individually, ensuring perfect adaptation to the specific challenges encountered.

Reinventing everyday life with innovative solutions 🌐

mTrip is determined to revolutionize the travel agent experience through innovative integrations, ensuring that you never miss an opportunity and simplifying your day-to-day tasks.

Keep an eye on our next innovations in business and leisure travel with mTrip !

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