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Altiplano Voyage

Altiplano Voyage

Type of agency :

Outgoing Travel Agency

Specialities :

Family, Sustainable, Trekking

Destinations :

Latin America

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No. of employees :

6 - 20

A super-efficient daily companion

Nicolas Manger - Marketing & Communication Manager

Altiplano Voyage

and their story

Altiplano Voyage is a travel agency renowned for its expertise and tailor-made approach, specializing in the creation of personalized tours in Latin America. With a clear passion for the diverse cultures and landscapes of this part of the world, the agency is committed to offering unforgettable, enriching and responsible travel experiences.
Their advisors listen carefully to customers' wishes to create unique itineraries. Customer service is praised through personalized follow-up before, during and after the trip.
Altiplano Voyage is committed to sustainable tourism by minimizing environmental impact and supporting local communities, carefully selecting their partners and promoting ethical practices.

Transition to Ezus

Initially, our team adhered to traditional working methods, with the aim of improving efficiency through automation. The transition to this new paradigm required a period of adaptation to acclimatize to the changing work environment. Despite the initial difficulties, use of the tool proved exceptional, and exceeded our expectations in terms of functionality.

Ezus won us over with its simplicity and easy-to-use interface. We invested a great deal of time and effort in integrating it fully into our internal workflows, and today it is an indispensable asset that enables us to oversee the entire customer journey, from first contact to trip completion.

Although Ezus proved advantageous, the integration process presented some challenges, requiring a learning curve to understand its operational logic. Customizing the solution to meet our specific needs proved complex at first.

During our decision-making process, we considered alternatives such as ViaXeo and Tropingo.
We opted for Ezus mainly because of its complete coverage of the trip creation process and its user-friendly nature, facilitating adoption and configuration by our teams.

What they say about us

Their favorite feature

CRM integrated to the software
Several modules, from the Catalogue to the Customer Directory, can be used to centralize information.
The ability to customize form fields on the software
The interactive aspect of the data is appreciated