How to restructure your travel agency?


With the Covid-19 crisis and its impact (confinements, curfews, closed borders, closed restaurants/bars, closed cultural places, ...) your activity in tourism has been strongly slowed down as for most sectors. This is an opportunity to restructure your agency and to reinvent tourism by focusing on softer, more ecological and more human forms.

We will provide you with ideas and reflections to prepare your agency for tomorrow's travels.

🏹 Review your values 

In the last few months, your thoughts and values have surely changed. It is then also necessary to update the values of your company with the current situation, so that your customers continue to identify with your activity and become loyal.

Clearly present your values on your website and describe them, which they mean to you. 

Example of values to reflect🌱:

  • Expertise
  • Passion
  • Authenticity
  • Creativity
  • Customization
  • Quality 
  • Innovation 

Rethinking, redefining or deepening your values will be an asset for your revaluation. It will allow you to position yourself on the market and to distinguish yourself from the competition.

👥 Sourcing new suppliers

 You aren’t afraid to renew your suppliers if it corresponds better to your activity and what you want to propose to your customers.

Find out about the current trendy destinations, go to trade shows, meet new people and companies.

The tourism fairs are extremely rich to know all the trends or the novelties of tomorrow. Here is our top list of must-see shows 🌟 : 

It is the largest travel show in North America and takes place in New York City. It attracts more than 35,000 participants with more than 750 exhibitors from over 175 countries.

is one of the world's leading events held in Barcelona, attracting over 15,000 participants with over 3,000 exhibitors.

is a leading trade show in the United States for the travel industry, held in Las Vegas, attracting over 3,500 exhibitors from 155 countries.

takes place in Paris, and immerses you in the world of travel with more than 500 destinations.

🌍 Test new products, modernize your offer

Use your time to examine market trends and anticipate your customers' future demands.

In recent months, travelers have never had so much time to think or question, which means your customers know exactly what they want.


Their choice of destinations was not made in 3 minutes, and you have to give them back a sense of travel, for that, you just have to understand the customer's request and offer him the unique experience of quality.

You must seduce your travelers by making them enter the myth of a place for example, play on the imagination around a country or a destination, without however falling into the caricature too heavy. Giving meaning back to travel.

The trends of a new form of tourism:

  • Sustainable tourism
  • Social tourism
  • Solidarity tourism 
  • Slow tourism 

Use these trends as threads for your products.

In the years to come, your customers will not stay in a hotel enjoying the pool, and they will want a new form of travel. 

Gone is the days of mass tourism and vacation villages. It's time to bring moments to life, bring people together and bring back memories.

Don't sell a trip, sell an experience! 

💻 Implementing digital tools

Take advantage of this moment to rethink the organization of your company and gain in efficiency when the tourist activity resumes. We advise you to go digital, to show your visibility on the internet by having your website and sharing content. 

You can use software to organize your business, your website or social networks. The important thing is to show yourself. Take the time to improve your skills with these new tools that will bring you added value.

In addition, the French government and local authorities have put in place several aids for companies wishing to develop their business on the Internet.

Find here, our article which summarizes all the current aids by a region.

You are a travel agent, maybe you need a software ? And become the best travel agent.

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