Manage your customers' requests with a form on Ezus


At Ezus, we support many travel agencies that offer customized trips to their clients. You have the ability to automatically create and customize their travel documents without limits, such as travel proposals, quotes, invoices and travel vouchers or coupons.

Often your customers already know what they want for their trip.

Now with Ezus, you have the ability to give your customers the opportunity to create their own personalized travel plans, all by combining Typeform and Ezus.

We tell you a little more about it:

Creating your Typeform form

To get started, you need to create the form with Typeform. If you don't have an account yet, you can create one in a few clicks directly on their website.

In this Typeform form, you can add all the questions necessary to create a project, for example

- the name of the project
- the number of travelers
- the start and end date
- the budget

Your customers will have access to this form, so don't forget any important points.

The advantage of Typeform is that you can customize the appearance of the form. These modifications are made from the Design section. It is up to you to change the colors and fonts as you wish.

Once your form has been validated, simply connect it to Ezus with the Zapier automation tool.

Project request automation

The advantage of linking these two applications is that everything will be automated.

This is a real simplification for the creation of your projects and the client's request

When your customers have filled out their form, the project will automatically appear in your Ezus application, in the main page, with all the specific requests of the customer. This project will be the first in the list with your default initial state.

And you will be able to start working on the project from within Ezus.

Send it

In order for your customers to have access to this form, you have two options:

- put it in free access on your website
- send it to the customer after a first contact

This feature brings you a real time saving. The process is fully automated and digitalized.

Our customers like this feature for its speed and brings them a better communication towards their customers.

Find all the details about the installation of this feature in our Help Center.

You are not yet an Ezus customer?

With our software solution, divide by 2 your document generation time and have all your customized documents and travel administration at the same place. Find out how during a demonstration.

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