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Finding France

Finding France

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Local Agency (DMC)

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Custom Private Tours

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6 - 20

Thanks to Ezus we were able to get more and more clients

Clément Decré

Finding France

and their story

Finding France, a DMC situated in Paris, primarily caters to North American clients, constituting 80% of our customer base.
As a local Destination Management Company (DMC), we take care of everything for our clients (guided visits, experiences, accommodation, restaurants, transfers…) but we fully adapt our services to what you may have already booked for your trip.

We provide Personal Travel Assistants, an around-the-clock concierge service, and premium care to our travelers. Our flexibility, sense of service, and capacity to respond to all requests (even last-minute!) means that everyone gets the most out of the French experience.

Transition to Ezus

Before transitioning to Ezus, we grappled with utilizing PowerPoint and Excel sheets. However, as our company expanded, we sought a solution to manage personalized requests, leading us to adopt Ezus.

Our primary use of Ezus is in catering to our B2B clientele, mainly travel agencies in North America, focusing on personalized private tours. Swift responsiveness is crucial in this market, making Ezus an essential tool for us; it's significantly contributed to an increasing clientele.

Ezus excels in generating well-structured mini-websites, enabling us to showcase comprehensive itineraries with images, maps, schedules, and detailed quotes online. Initially, investing in Ezus seemed daunting, but a friend's advice reframed it as an investment rather than a mere cost. Choosing Ezus has notably enhanced our return on investment.

Implementing Ezus was relatively seamless for us, bolstered by our familiarity with its functionalities and additional support. Its efficiency in handling customer requests has significantly fueled our success. To sum it up, Ezus is refined, and I highly recommend it to travel agencies seeking enhanced satisfaction, responsiveness, and customization, enabling them to thrive.

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Their favorite feature

The customised mini-websites for each client
Deliver stunning, branded travel proposals that put your agency’s identity front and center, creating an immediate impact.
Guarantee responsiveness with documents tailored to suit any device, ensuring a smooth client experience from start to finish.
Personalize each proposal to reflect the distinct needs and desires of your clients, leading to improved engagement and +25% in conversion rates.