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Outgoing Travel Agency

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Paris, Lyon, Toulouse, Lille & Strasbourg



No. of employees :

51 - 100

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Soline Larroque


and their story

Mycomm, a travel agency specializing in sports events, was founded in 2009 and operates across several cities such as Paris, Lyon, Toulouse, Strasbourg, and Lille. We take pride in assisting a wide range of clients, from businesses to individuals, agencies to associations, during prestigious sports events. Each year, over 20,000 travelers trust us to attend renowned events in France and abroad, such as the Six Nations Tournament, the FIFA World Cup, Formula 1 Grand Prix, American sports events, and many others.

The evolution of the production service has been significant with the arrival of Soline a decade ago. Initially, our team worked on Excel to manage projects. However, there was a growing need for a collaborative online tool that would allow real-time sharing of all supplier data in one place.

Transition to Ezus

The integration of Ezus, a comprehensive project management software, has revolutionized our approach. This tool enables us to handle all client requests, from creating quotes to liaising with suppliers, to producing commercial brochures.

What particularly appeals to us about Ezus is the ease of generating quotes once the program is designed, as well as the recent inclusion of financial features to closely monitor client and supplier payments.

The scalable aspect of the software is a major asset for us. The constant evolution and regular introduction of new features enable us to keep pace with changes in the tourism industry and our profession. Additionally, the Ezus support team is always available via chat, providing the opportunity to interact with a dedicated contact to discuss specific issues.

Finally, the software's user-friendliness and intuitiveness have allowed the entire production team to embrace the tool, from novice to expert. Ezus was quickly adopted, thus facilitating our daily workflow process.

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Finance Sales & Purchasing
Centralising information from the budgeting process
Quick and easy entry of receipts and accurate financial monitoring
Financial exports adapted to our accounting software