The top 6 features your incentive travel software needs


Although most managers or executives are doing a good job promoting incentive travel in their companies, they usually struggle and sometimes fail to organize it properly. That is where you come in! But how can you convince your clients and prospects they can trust you with tasks they couldn’t manage to achieve themselves? To begin with, show them that you are better equipped than they are. You probably are already using a software to help you through your daily to-do lists as a travel agent specialized in MICE, but does it have all the key features needed to ensure success for your every project? 

The checklist below will clear up your vision on what are the necessary tools your software needs in order for you to deliver a flawless proposition to your customer each time.


1/ A travel & event planning tool 📅

For you to be able to manage all your projects seamlessly, an efficient user-friendly event planning builder is a must. As there is a high probability several people will be working on one single project, it is also essential for it to be an interactive one. Every party will therefore be in the loop concerning the latest updates and modifications made onto each project. 

Get equipped with a tool capable of instantly modifying every document or invoice when dragging, clicking or typing in the interactive schedule, and most importantly capable of stocking it all in one place to reduce confusion in the management of the event.

If it is fully customizable and allows you to have an overview not bound to time of all the movements, it will lead to you and your team getting more confident about taking on more projects.

Itinerary Planning

2/ An online RFP tool 💻

Do not let your business lose traffic during closing hours and consider using an RFP widget. Embedding it on your website will allow your potential customers to navigate through all your proposals and get used to your products before even getting in touch with you.

With an RFP, they will be able to submit a request exactly the way they have it in their mind. They will feel no pressure to purchase and have time to explore every possibility and request a proposal 24/7. It will help you gain precious time since you, in return, will know their needs beforehand. This tool is a guaranteed smooth supplier-to-buyer, B2C, and even B2B communication.

Without even lifting a finger, you still get opportunities to drive sales from your website at any time, day and night. With an online event booking system embedded on your website, customers will know exactly what you have to offer and what they can purchase. This will definitely put you steps ahead of direct competition.

3/ Digital Proposals and signatures🤝🏽

One indubitable way to go faster in all your actions is to go digital. Not only will it save you time, but it will also be possible for you to customize all your proposals with convincing visuals that sell, whether it’d be pictures, slideshows or videos. How exactly will it save you time, you ask? Well, the simple fact that you can generate ready-made and customizable templates with only a few empty slots to fill in with updated information depending on the project you are working on should convince you. No need to do it all over again at every request.

Avoid communication hassle by sending invoices with just a single click and allowing digital signs. It will make the transaction go seamlessly, preventing you from running after your clients to get them to quickly approve your proposal for you to move on with the organization of the event. Digitalizing the whole process will make it go faster and you’ll be instantly notified of the approval within minutes. Next thing you know, you’ll be scheduling trips and events by the bucketload.

4/ An automatic and interactive invoicing with variables🧾

Make your billing routine a breeze by automating your invoice process. 

Since you are already using an interactive event planning builder linked to your invoicing (You are, right? 🤨), generating accurate up to date invoices should be easy, as all modifications are immediately taken into account.

You cannot talk about invoicing without addressing VAT. There is no doubt some of your clients will want to recover it, and having the exact amount of the VAT written on the invoice could be crucial for them.

All countries apply different VAT on different products or services. In France for example, the Common Law requires that there be specific taxes per supplier. Some clients even prefer when the VAT on packaged products or services is mentioned per unit. 

Get to know more in details about Travel agencies’ VAT management in this article. Ezus makes it possible for you to detail it in the software as well as on the invoices. Book a demo to discover more.

5/ A templates and worksheets gallery 🗂️

To stand out from the competition, your incentive travel software should allow you to edit and customize all your documents, whether they are proposals, roadbooks, tickets, vouchers, supplier lists or worksheets. 

Nothing beats a well-designed document that displays your company's visual identity. Not only will it set you apart from your competitors who are still using basic tools to generate these documents, but it will also show your customers that the experience they are paying you for starts right there.

Template gallery

6/ A CRM and task management tool 📑👩🏽💻

Can you imagine having all the contacts you need to organize your trips, events and other seminaries in one place? And we mean every-single-contact! From customers, colleagues and employees, suppliers to partners. Great communication is the first step for a great event; and it is all possible with an incentive travel software with a powerful CRM feature. Event management will never get as easy as having access to the right contacts, being able to attach it to the right task and seeing all the movements in real-time.

Once you have all those contacts registered you can now fully assign them to particular tasks that have been fully integrated into the event planning builder we talked about a few lines above. You will be apt to have a clear overview of the trip participant management, of rooming lists, booking status, etc.

A software with these features will definitely benefit you. Automating all these tasks will save you a lot of time and money in the long run. You will also be able to concentrate on other projects, or improve your communication strategies, customer support or other tasks that also require attention.

These "new" abilities to work faster and more efficiently will undoubtedly attract more and more ambitious clients and projects. Contact us to find out how we can work together toward this goal 😉

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