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Running a travel agency requires not only in-depth knowledge of the tourism sector, but also a mastery of the tools and services needed to ensure the best possible experience for your customers. Travel insurance is one of the most important of these services, as it guarantees the peace of mind and security of the traveler. The aim of this article is to present you with a list of the most reliable insurance providers, adapted to the varied needs of your customers.

1. Understanding travelers needs👀

To ensure your customers' satisfaction and safety, it's vital to understand their specific insurance needs when planning their trips.‍

Business travelers, for example, may require different coverage from adventure-seeking globetrotters. The former will often need insurance that covers aspects such as electronic equipment, last-minute cancellations or trip interruptions, while the latter will be looking more for protection tailored to risky activities or remote destinations. For long-term stays, such as exchange programs or humanitarian missions, extended coverage is essential.

So it's vital to ask the right questions to assess the needs of each category of traveler. This will enable us to offer them tailor-made insurance products that truly correspond to their expectations and travel plans.

2. Types of insurance coverage🗒️

Once travellers' needs have been clearly identified, it's time to introduce them to the essential types of insurance coverage, which are :

  • Travel medical insurance: Provides protection in the event of illness or accident abroad, sometimes including the cost of medical evacuation and repatriation.
  • Trip cancellation insurance: Allows you to be reimbursed for all or part of the costs incurred in the event of trip cancellation for a reason covered by the insurance policy.
  • Luggage insurance: Covers the loss, theft or damage of travelers' luggage during their stay.
  • Civil liability insurance: Protects travelers in the event that they are held responsible for damage to third parties or their property.

By incorporating these elements into your travel proposal, you will demonstrate not only a thorough understanding of the tourism market, but also an ability to anticipate your customers' needs, which is a major asset when it comes to convincing your financial partners and financial guarantees. Don't forget that your customers' trust is essential, and that an adequate travel insurance offer is a determining factor in your travel agency's success.

3. Preferred suppliers✅

When you're planning tailor-made trips for your customers, it's essential to offer them insurance that covers all aspects of their stay. Here is a selection of trusted partners:

🤝 Allianz Travel

🗓️ Short-term (less than 3 months) & year-round by trip type

📍 Worldwide except: Libya, Iraq, Yemen, Syria, Mali, Niger, South Sudan, Somalia, North Korea, Afghanistan, Central African Republic, Ukraine, Russia and Belarus.

🤵 Mainly tourist travel

World leader Allianz Travel offers comprehensive travel insurance, ideal for dealing with unforeseen events such as cancellations, trip interruptions and medical emergencies. Medical expenses up to €300,000 are covered, and travel teleconsultation is also available.


🗓️ Short-term (less than 3 months) & year-round

📍 Worldwide

🤵 Sightseeing, camping, boating, skiing and more

AXA caters for travelers of all horizons, offering adaptive cover for business and leisure trips, including high-risk activities. The variety of packages offered for short-term stays makes it adaptable, even covering missed connections.

🤝 Europ Assistance

🗓️ Short-term (less than 3 months) & year-round

📍 Worldwide

🤵 All types of travel

Europ Assistance is synonymous with personalization, offering tailor-made travel insurance for every profile of traveler, from families to senior citizens to adventurers, ensuring a safe and serene experience, from a weekend in France to a year-long round-the-world trip.

🤝 Chapka Assurances

🗓️ Short-term (less than 3 months) & year-round

📍 Worldwide

🤵 All types of travel (not suitable for long-term visas to Thailand)

For long trips and business travel alike, Chapka Assurances is the ideal ally. Specializing in extended stays, this company offers customized solutions for those venturing out over long periods, for a first year of expatriation, but also for a business trip.

🤝 Yupwego

🗓️ Short-term (less than 3 months) & year-round

📍 Worldwide

🤵 All types of travel

Innovative, Yupwego excels in the creation of tailor-made travel insurance, guaranteeing comprehensive coverage, including in emergency situations, for a trip tailored to the specific needs of each traveler.

🤝 Heymondo

🗓️ Short-term (less than 3 months) & year-round

📍 Worldwide

🤵 All types of travel

Heymondo is a fast-growing travel insurance company, offering a wide range of options, but above all guaranteeing fast and efficient assistance, through their 24/24 support app.

🤝 ACS Assurances

🗓️ Short-term (less than 3 months) & year-round

📍 Worldwide

🤵 All types of travel

ACS Assurances stands out for its flexibility, offering insurance for business and leisure travel, covering even activities deemed perilous, with a reassuring international scope for travelers.

🤝 Mondial Care

🗓️ Short-term (less than 3 months) & year-round

📍 Worldwide

🤵 All types of travel

Mondial Care attracts attention with its customizable formulas, adapting to the profile of each traveler, whether families, seniors or explorers, for tailor-made, universal travel coverage.

🤝 AVA Assurances

🗓️ Short-term (less than 3 months) & year-round

📍 Worldwide

🤵 All types of travel, existing group insurance

Expert in long stays, AVA Assurances specializes in accompanying globetrotters on extended adventures, offering a variety of services for all types of travel, even insuring groups.

🤝 Assur-Travel

🗓️ Short-term (less than 3 months) & year-round

📍 Worldwide

🤵 All types of travel, existing travel agency insurance

Assur-Travel targets adventurers and expatriates in search of long-term stays, offering flexible, personalized insurance coverage for a carefree global experience, adapted to the many projects of international living. Their offers for travel agencies allow you to be directly the people managing the coverage.

4. Insurance selection criterias ✒️

To guide your customers towards the most suitable insurance, consider the following points:

  • Destination and length of stay: Some countries require specific coverage, while longer trips require more extensive guarantees.
  • Planned activities: Make sure the insurance covers risky activities if your customers plan to take part in extreme sports or particular excursions.
  • Customer's specific needs: Families, senior citizens or travelers with pre-existing medical conditions may require specialized insurance.
  • Value for money: An insurance policy should offer a balance between the coverage offered and the cost of the insurance premium.

5. L'assurance dans votre proposition de voyage📢

L'assurance voyage doit figurer dans votre proposition de voyage comme un élément clé de votre offre de services. Elle contribue à la satisfaction client et peut devenir un argument de vente différenciant pour votre agence. Incluez dans votre planification financière les coûts associés et les éventuelles commissions perçues sur la vente de ces assurances.

En tant qu'agent de voyage, vous avez la responsabilité de conseiller et d'accompagner vos clients dans toutes les étapes de leur voyage, y compris dans la gestion des imprévus. En leur proposant des solutions d'assurance fiables et complètes, vous renforcez la confiance qu'ils placent en votre expertise et en votre agence. Cela se reflète directement dans l'efficacité de vos ventes, la fidélisation de votre clientèle et, in fine, dans la performance globale de votre agence.

6. How to include insurances in your offer🤔

Offering the right insurance can greatly enhance your travel agency's service offering and represent a significant competitive advantage. Here are some tips and strategies for effectively integrating insurance into your customized travel packages, and for managing partnerships with insurance providers.

Tips for presenting insurances as a competitive advantage:

  • Emphasize security: Emphasize the peace of mind that comes with travel insurance. Emphasize how it protects against the unexpected, such as medical emergencies, cancellations or lost luggage.
  • Customize options: Offer insurance that can be customized to each customer's specific needs. By showing that you understand their specific concerns, you reinforce your agency's image as a responsive and adaptive entity.
  • Clarify the benefits to be gained: Use clear, accessible language to explain the benefits and terms of insurance policies. Avoid jargon to make it easy for your customers to understand what they're buying.
  • Illustrate with testimonials and case studies: Share real-life stories where travel insurance has made a difference to customers. This offers a concrete perspective on the added value of your offer.

Strategies for integrating insurance into customized travel packages:

  • Seamless integration: Offer insurance as an integral part of travel packages, rather than as an additional option. This simplifies the booking process and encourages customer adoption of insurance.
  • Bundling: Create packages where insurance is combined with other services (flights, hotels, excursions) at a preferential rate, which can encourage customers to opt for an all-in-one offer.
  • Flexibility: Offer different ranges of insurance, from basic coverage to premium options, to meet the budgets and coverage levels desired by different customer segments.

Managing partnerships with insurance providers:

  • Select carefully: Choose insurance partners with a reputation for reliability and customer service. A partnership with a well-regarded insurance brand can enhance your own reputation.
  • Negotiate terms: Work with providers to get the best possible terms, not only in terms of rates but also coverage and ease of claims handling.
  • Continuously train: Make sure your team is well trained and informed about the insurance products you offer, so that they can advise customers effectively.
  • Provide follow-up and support: Set up a follow-up and support system for customers who have taken out insurance. Good support in case of need reinforces customer loyalty and your agency's credibility.

By judiciously integrating insurance into your service offering, you not only offer added value to your customers, but also strengthen your travel agency's position in the market, while generating additional revenue.


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