Covid-19 – Survival kit. How to survive to bounce back better

Resources, contacts, best practices … The essentials, in real time, to save your company from the crisis.

In this context, we have taken the decision at Ezus (ex Esus) to make available all the content collected by our team and initially intended for our users. We are aggregating here and in real time the different best practices and measures that can be taken immediately to enable agencies and organizers to reduce the business risks related to Covid-19.

First and foremost, of course, take care of your health, the health of your family and the health of your team.

🔄 Updated the 06th of April 2020.

📢 Communicating with your customers in the context of a crisis.

It’s time to reassure your customers and partners.

💡 Our recommendations :

  • Identify potential customer concerns.
  • Reassure them by letting them know that you are aware of the seriousness of the situation and that you intend to remedy it.
  • Explain what your company has done to ensure security and transparency while providing the products and services they need and expect.
  • Inform your customers that delays in processes can occur and that you will keep them informed.
  • Create a dedicated web page with a link on your home page to provide up-to-date information and resources.
  • A dedicated telephone line could also be set up to answer your customers’ questions.
  • Use banners on your website, email and social media to proactively promote these messages.
  • Don’t try to sell or market these days. As Yaron Burgin of Abraham Tours says, “No. Travel is an emotional purchase. Everyone is worried about the pandemic.”

📚 Useful resources :

  1. Sirius: Free report “B2B Crisis Preparation
  2. Snews podcast and article: Crisis communication during coronavirus outbreak
  3. Forbes: How To Handle Your Corporate Communications
  4. Webinar from Village by Crédit Agricole : Effective communication in crisis times

♻️ Cancellation management – what is best practice?

Now is the time to put in place a clear cancellation and refund policy, and it is important to put customers first.

💡 Our recommendations :

  • If customers wish to cancel, try to get them to accept a credit for a future booking rather than a refund.
  • Consider adding a bonus on future credit for an additional incentive.

📚 Useful resources :

  1. The confidence index by Generation Voyage by country and destination.

🚨 Monitor your cash flow.

Cash is king.

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💸 Pricing – Should I reduce my margins?

We’ve already heard the question several times, and it’s a good one!

💡 Our recommendations :

  • Adopt a position of flexibility and loyalty quickly.
  • Don’t start a price war that is difficult to get out of. Prefer services offered.
  • A nuance for the short term: reduced prices can be beneficial to revive your demand more quickly. Like the very discounted packages offered by tour operators after September 11, 2001.
  • Don’t launch discounted prices too early: wait until the situation stabilizes and the first rebound of those impatient to leave is over.

📚 Useful resources :

  1. The impact of the coronavirus will have a definite economic impact: see Statistics. Current forecasts predict a decrease of about 20%.
  2. Although it depends on the quarantine time per country: case in Italy.

🎯 Optimizing your work system – making the most of our time.

💡 Our recommendations :

  • Organize teleworking. With tools such as Zoom (video conferencing), Slack (collaborative work platform).
  • Centralise your information through a CRM/SRM (like Ezus (ex Esus)).
  • For Ezus (ex Esus) users: Ranger, designate its models and presentations (quotes, proposals, products, catalogue).
  • Take this opportunity to finally update its website!

📚 Useful resources :

  1. The remote working guide by Zapier.
  2. Article : The 8 tools of the organizer of events and trips.
  3. Initiative of French entrepreneurs offering their services: access to resources : acces to resources.
  4. Spotify playlists and advice for remote office.

📻 Get informed.

The great advantage of our time is the Internet. Thanks to this fabulous tool we have access to information in real time and from the 4 corners of the world.

Let us be well informed and prepare for the recovery.

📚 Useful resources :

  1. Tourmageddon : Information & Assistance for Tour Operators and the Tourism Industry.
  2. OpenTable publishes reservation data for +60,000 restaurants. That’s impressive.
  3. Economic study on travelers in the USA.

Feel free to share your resources or comments with the community so that we all come out stronger and more united 💪🏼

Stay safe & healthy,

Ezus (ex Esus) team.

The Ezus (ex Esus)team would like to share with you the product contents to help our users to face the Covid19 crisis. They are provided for information purposes only. They are exclusively intended for your internal, non-commercial use and should not be considered as the sole basis for a decision of any kind.

They are updated every day on our blog.

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